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Roll-up, lightweight, and durable waxed canvas is a fully water and dirt resistant handcrafted dog bed with snap button closures.  Filled with quilt batting and fiberfill for a soft, supportive, packable bed on the go.


For wherever your adventure takes you and your dog.


Our Waxed Canvas Roll-Up Dog Bed is great:


  • As a soft resting place
  • As a training mat, practicing "Go to Place" exercises, on a raised bed, or training platform
  • When traveling and staying in an Airbnb, rental, or hotel room
  • When visiting a friends home
  • In the car
  • In a crate


Our Waxed Canvas Bed helps to protect your dog from hot or cold surface temperatures.  While traveling, it's great as a familiar spot to lie down, to sleep, to hang out.


This bed works perfectly for mat training and Go To Place practice in your home and on the go practicing in new locations.

Waxed Canvas Roll-Up Dog Bed | Water + Dirt Resistant


Waxed Canvas Roll-Up Dog Bed Details:

  • Handmade

  • Durable water-resistant waxed canvas to easily brush off fur build up

  • Filled with soft quilt batting and plush fiberfill

  • Double stitching edges

  • Rolls up with snap button closure straps

  • Roll-up straps are fully removable 

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